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FCC form 477 demonstration customized for you

FCC form 477

In March 2000, the FCC adopted a semi-annual reporting requirement (FCC Form 477) to determine the extent of local telecommunications competition and deployment of broadband services. Reporting was previously done on a ZIP code basis, but changes made June 15, 2008 FCC now require broadband carriers to provide the agency with more detailed information. Under the new regulations, information will be collected and reported by Census Tract. In addition, FCC now requires carriers to report their broadband coverage by up and download speed based on tiers. First reports are due March 1, 2009 and are updated and re-submitted every 6 months thereafter.

Carriers who willfully fail to report can be subject to a fine of not more than $500 for every day during which the offense occurs.

What can RATA Associates do for you?
RATA Associates has been the leading provider of software and Compliance-grade geocoding to the banking industry for over 20 years. The Comply Suite of products has had helped banks and mortgage companies reduce the time, cost and compliance burdens associated with compliance reporting. Using the same proven technology platform all Broadband carriers will soon be able to automate the FCC Form 477 requirements with the FCC Form 477 Geocoding software and geocoding services.

  • Effortlessly Import all required Data
  • Geocode all Addresses down to the Census Tract Level
  • Create appropriate Reports by State and e-File
  • Produce detailed management Reports, Charts and Graphs and Custom Maps
  • and many more Advanced Services!

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RATA provides the tools and resources to assist with lending pattern analysis for fair lending and CRA to maintain appropriate monitoring and reporting. The staff at RATA are helpful and will provide assistance quickly when needed.

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Would highly recommend both the product and the personnel!! Being able to accomplish what I did in such a short period of time is a testimonial to the product's user friendliness as well as the support I received from the great folks at RATA. Could not have done it without them!!!

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Greer State Bank

RATA Associates is one of the greatest companies I've known. It's been a pleasure adding my 2 cents to RATA Comply improvements (Fair Lending with Advanced Analysis/Regression option) that benefit everyone and help many companies in the mortgage industry to stay compliant.

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Pacific Union Financial LLC