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2016 FFIEC Peer HMDA Data Available

Added on October 2, 2017

Updated Monday, October 2, 2017. The 2016 Peer data is now available on the Peer-2-Peer website. The 2016 Peer data for DataMine will be available later today. The Peer-2-Peer product is a web-based tool designed to help you understand how your institution is lending compared to specific peers or the rest of the industry. The Peer tool can help you see Summary Lending data for any submitting institution as well as Ranking reports and Market Share reports. It is a great way to put your analysis into perspective! Check out or to login to the peer tool. Peer data is also available for use in the Comply DataMine tool. This allows institutions to create Excel pivot tables and custom reports with the peer data and also compare it to your current HMDA data. To…

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Hurricane Irma impact on RATA Associates' business operations

Added on September 7, 2017

The forecast track for major Hurricane Irma is showing that the eye will pass very close if not directly over the RATA facility in Longwood, FL. While our building is built to hurricane standards and we have redundant systems for power, internet connectivity may go down and be down for some time. This would affect Comply auto-updates as well as Comply registration services. During any outage, files which require geocoding can be uploaded to the RATA support website ( This server is co-located outside of Florida and will be unaffected by the hurricane. Files will be processed and returned via the support website until any infrastructure outages are resolved at our Longwood facility. In preparation of the impact Irma may have on our facility, we will be closing…

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Comply 17 System is Complete and Ready for Download

Added on September 1, 2017

The much-anticipated Comply 17 is now complete, QA tested and ready for download. This update is mandatory for doing the 2017 submission as it contains the new CFPB HMDA.TXT format that is needed in order to upload to the CFPB submission portal. This version also contains all of the 2018 HMDA changes and new fields. When you install, the 2018 year will be available and you can start bringing in that data when ready. We have even added all of the 2018 edits that were released just 2 weeks ago. The CFPB will be making many modifications to the edits over the coming year so these will be a work in progress, but what we have is a great first start. Some of the key changes in Comply 17: Ability to create 2017 Submission in new HMDA.TXT format; this is the first year they are doing a…

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FFIEC Releases 2017 Demographic Data based on 2015 ACS

Added on July 27, 2017

RATA Associates is pleased to announce that the 2017 FFIEC demographic data that is now based on the 2015 ACS is now available for all RATA Clients. If you use Auto-Updates to keep your system data up to date, you should see the new data available the next time you log in to Comply. If you don't use Auto-Updates the data will be available on the RATA Support Site to download and import. Comply links the demographics to the geocoding in the system so once you update your system all new reports and views of the data are retroactive for the entire year. For those of you using our QuickPoint Web Service (QPWS) to geocode applications real-time in your LOS systems, you will only receive the new demographics from today forward since they are sent at the time the geocode is assigned. Again, this…

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2018 Edits Finally Released by CFPB

Added on July 14, 2017

2018 Edits Finally Released by CFPB

The initial release of the validity and quality edits for HMDA 2018 reporting have been released by the CFPB. There are a total of 105 validity and 41 quality edits in the current documentation which can be found here:

We will incorporate these edits into Comply 17 which we expect to officially release in the middle of August.


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