Hurricane Ian impact on RATA Associates' business operations

Added on September 27, 2022

"Hope for the best and prepare for the worst." - As you have likely become aware, the state of Florida is presently expecting the effects of Hurricane Ian. Please exercise patience in attempting to contact us for the remainder of this week. All services we provide (geocoding, Auto-Update, QPWS, RHS) will not be affected by the storm. Email may be the best form of communication during this time, as phone connections may be spotty. If you need technical support, please send an email to or call and leave a message.  (Paul x208; Kelly  x205;  David  x204). We will be working remotely Wednesday (September 28th) and Thursday (September 29th), and potentially Friday (September 30th) dependent upon the storm's path and movement through our area. As…

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RATA Releases FFIEC 2022 Demographics Phase 3

Added on September 16, 2022

The third and final version of the FFIEC Demographic data is now available on the RATA support site. Please read the important information below. Important note about concerns RATA has regarding the released data On August 26th, the final phased release of demographic data was published. RATA downloaded the data immediately and converted it to Comply format, but during the quality assurance phase, we started seeing possible data integrity issues in what the government released. After rigorously testing to ensure that the converted data matched the published data received from the FFIEC, we began looking at the data in earnest and have compiled a couple of spreadsheets that illustrate the concerns we have with the data as provided. We are providing these spreadsheets and a document…

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HMDA Peer Data for Peer2Peer using the Revised Race, Ethnicity and Sex Groupings for 2018-2021

Added on August 1, 2022

The CFPB released specifications on GitHub in October 2020 regarding changes to the derived categorization of Race, Ethnicity and Sex groupings for reporting years 2018 and up. We made a minor change to address this in the Comply version 21.1 release which affects a small percentage of data for a very specific situation. This update corrects situations where previously, if someone classified themselves as 2-Asian and 24-Japanese, we would calculate that as 2 or more minority races. The new calculation would classify this as 2-Asian. The same goes for ethnicity sub-categories. Also, if someone classifies themselves as both male and female, the sex would be calculated as Joint. We have now updated the HMDA peer data for use in Peer2Peer to use the same calculations. This data is now…

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CFPB, DOJ Order Trident Mortgage Company to Pay More Than $22 Million for Deliberate Discrimination Against Minority Families

Added on July 27, 2022

CFPB, DOJ Order Trident Mortgage Company to Pay More Than $22 Million for Deliberate Discrimination Against Minority Families

Settlement is the first government resolution involving illegal discrimination by a nonbank mortgage lender Washington, D.C. – Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) took action to end Trident Mortgage Company's intentional discrimination against families living in majority-minority neighborhoods in the greater Philadelphia area. The CFPB and DOJ allege Trident redlined majority-minority neighborhoods through its marketing, sales, and hiring actions. Specifically, Trident's actions discouraged prospective applicants from applying for mortgage and refinance loans in the greater Philadelphia area's majority-minority neighborhoods. If entered by the court, the settlement, among other things, would require Trident to pay a $4 million…

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Getting the Most Out of Comply Webinars

Added on July 15, 2022

Over the next few months RATA will offer a number of free webinars to existing clients to better illustrate the power and flexibility of the Comply Suite of compliance tools.   Over the years the Comply software has evolved and become even more powerful.  New components and functionality have been added with each new version released and sometimes it is hard for customers to appreciate and utilize the full potential of the software.  During routine support calls we have noticed that the majority of clients are doing things in ways that are not taking advantage of key features and functionality of the latest software. For these reasons, we felt it would be in the best interest for all parties involved to go through the key functions of Comply, walk through the basics…

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