2016 FFIEC Peer HMDA Data Available

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Added on October 2, 2017

Updated Monday, October 2, 2017.
The 2016 Peer data is now available on the Peer-2-Peer website. The 2016 Peer data for DataMine will be available later today.

The Peer-2-Peer product is a web-based tool designed to help you understand how your institution is lending compared to specific peers or the rest of the industry. The Peer tool can help you see Summary Lending data for any submitting institution as well as Ranking reports and Market Share reports. It is a great way to put your analysis into perspective! Check out or to login to the peer tool.

Peer data is also available for use in the Comply DataMine tool. This allows institutions to create Excel pivot tables and custom reports with the peer data and also compare it to your current HMDA data. To use this data with DataMine, you will download it from the support site and then load it into Comply. You will then need to Sync the DataMine with the new data.

We are also in the process of creating the HMDA Agency Mean file and the CRA Performance Evaluation file for use in Comply which will be released early next week. The agency mean data is used to compare your Submission Audit Summary report numbers to the mean of your reporting agency. The performance evaluation data is used when running the PE tables. The files will be available through the RATA Support website as well as through the Comply auto-updates service. To check which update types of updates you have selected for automatic download, go to the System Ribbon, click the Options button then select 'Auto-Update' in the System Options section.

If you are licensed to use Comply Peer-2-Peer feel free to log in to your account and begin your analysis once we have released this data. If you are not currently licensed for Peer or DataMine but would like pricing or more information please contact Angela Strater at 407-831-7282 or by email





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