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Added on November 11, 2016

The Comply DataMine analysis tool is RATA's new advanced custom report builder. RATA clients will now have the ability to build both custom pivot tables and custom executive reports using the power of Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and your Comply Database. With this powerful configuration you are able to create reports using combinations of your latest HMDA and CRA data, peer data, demographic data, deposit data and more.

This new optional component is available for use with the 2015 HMDA and CRA peer data and will give customers much more flexibility for analyzing their own data compared to peer data by year, geography and additional filters. Regulators have been recently creating peer groups by asset size, rate spread percentages and geography. The new Peer Group Definition Builder will enable users to create the same groups quickly and easily.

By using different Peer Group definitions, geographic definitions and other data, you will be able to explore your data by dragging and dropping the fields you want to analyze into columns or rows to slice and dice the data in seconds with interactive Excel Pivot tables.

Additionally, more advanced users can create custom executive reports and dashboard-type reports. If you don't want to create the reports yourself a RATA team member can build you a template to use for a small service fee.

The DataMine tool will ship with many templates and the amount of free templates will grow over time as we add new reports recommended by customers. Here are just a couple of samples we created, many in just minutes!

The DataMine will be able to assist with HMDA Analysis, CRA Performance Evaluations, and Fair Lending scorecards that require peer and other data sources.

Comply DataMine Report Builder | Screen DataMine BorrowTractSummary
Comply DataMine Report Builder | Screen DataMine CRAExecSummary
Comply DataMine Report Builder | Screen DataMine SubmissionAuditSummary






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