FFIEC Releases CRA Peer, Performance Evaluation and Market Share Data

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Added on December 19, 2022

The CRA Peer, Performance Evaluation, and Market Share data are now available for use in Comply.

The 2021 CRA Aggregate and Disclosure data, used for CRA Peer analysis, was released on Thursday, December 15th. This year, like the last couple of years, there was a major delay in the release of this data. This data used to be released within a month or so of the HMDA peer data, which was released on June 22nd. Although it is extremely late from the government, RATA has completed the process of converting the data for use in Comply. The name of this file is PEERCRA21.

The peer data always needs to be manually downloaded from the RATA Support Site and imported into Comply, using the Import System Data function, as these files are very large in size. For this reason, we recommend that you only load the years of peer data you are actively using into Comply and remove older years' data when your analyses are completed.

The CRA Performance Evaluation and Market Share data were also compiled and released. This data is used when running specific types of reports in Comply; namely, the CRA Performance Evaluation and Standardized Tables. The name of this file is PEVMARKETSHARE21.

The Performance Evaluation and Market Share data can be automatically applied through Auto-Update if you have the auto-apply feature enabled in system options. If you don't have auto-apply enabled, as long as you have the Annual CRA Performance Evaluation Data update type selected in the Auto-Update system options, it will automatically download so that you can apply it at your convenience. If you don't use Auto-Update, this file is available for download from our support site, after which you would import it into Comply using the Import System Data function.

For RATA Hosted Services (RHS) users, RATA will be updating the peer data in the early morning, December 20th, after hours so that we don't affect any clients during the day. The Performance Evaluation and Market Share data will be applied to the system via Auto-Update.

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or need additional information.





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