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Added on December 23, 2021

(Geocoding, Mapping, Demographics and Geographic Areas)

In preparation for the 2022 reporting year, we have updated our geocoding systems to return geocodes for 2022 based upon the 2020 Census Tracts, as defined by the Census Bureau. We are fully ready to return the correct tracts as soon as geocoding begins in earnest for the 2022 reporting year. As part of this update, there are several aspects that affect Comply directly as follows:

  1. A Demographic Update for the 2022 reporting year has been released. This incorporates the new 2020 Census Tracts, however, there is a caveat to this data. The demographics are not yet available from the FFIEC, so in order to keep reports and other aspects of Comply operating in the familiar fashion, we have copied forward the 2021 demographic data to the 2022 demographic data. We matched the tracts that did not change, and of those tracts that are new, we obtained the center of the new tract and selected the demographics from 2021 based upon where that center point falls. When the FFIEC releases the Official 2022 demographics, we will release the data to update Comply as soon as possible.
  2. A new release of the Comply Mapping Shapefiles is now available for 2022 on the support website. In order to utilize the 2022 geography you will need to download this updated data which includes all previous years' data for historical purposes. The data is released in the same manner as previous releases: a National dataset, a Quadrant-based dataset, a Regional dataset and individual State datasets.
  3. Any Geographic Areas previously created for the 2022 reporting year MUST be reviewed and updated where applicable. Almost 10,000 new census tracts were created by splitting existing census tracts, and some tracts were combined into a single census tract where two or more existed previously. This means any census tracts affected by these changes are no longer valid for 2022 and the Geographic Area(s) will need to be updated accordingly.





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