RATA to add Business and Farm Census Data to Comply

Business and Farm Census Data
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Added on December 13, 2016

As part of the upcoming 16.1 Comply release, RATA will be adding the Business and Farm data based on a census of businesses. Up to this point RATA has been using the CRA Aggregate peer business data for performance measures in our CRA Performance Evaluation reports. Many institutions have requested that we use the Business/Farm census data and we have decided to move forward with the latest data we could obtain. All reports that use this data will be offered in both the current aggregate versions and the census of businesses versions to increase your analysis options. This will be available to all customers licensed for Comply CRA at no additional charge.

By adding this new data and functionality to the 16.1 release we have had to push the delivery dates of both 16.1 and the 17 beta release. Neither of these releases are needed for the 2016 submissions so only institutions wanting to upgrade DataMine, Audit or Business Demographics will need to upgrade to 16.1 immediately.

Comply 16.1 will be released around January 31st.

Comply 17 beta with new 2018 Fields, Import, ULI functionality, etc. will be released around April 2nd (This will allow for contingencies and more thorough testing of the new functionality before you are exposed.) We will most likely have it available a little earlier, and will notify you if that is the case.






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