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RATA announces the release of the Year-End Geocode Redo file: Please apply before submitting

Added on January 30, 2024

Thank you as always for using the RATA Comply software and Geocoding services to help with your HMDA and/or CRA submissions. As part of our efforts to ensure that you have the highest quality and most current geocode results for submission, we re-geocode every address that was submitted to try and improve the precision, then return any improved results in the Year-End (YE) geocode update file. This file should be applied to your Comply system at your earliest convenience to assure that these improved results are a part of your submission. YE update files will not overwrite ZOOM results when applied. The YE update file will only affect records submitted before January 25, 2024. If you have submitted more geocoding after that date, those records will have already been geocoded using…

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Upcoming Comply RHS system maintenance

Added on December 26, 2023

In preparation for the upcoming busy months of January and February, the Comply RHS environment will be down this upcoming weekend on Saturday, December 30th, for extended maintenance to update all installations to the new 23.01 version and roll out additional servers to handle the expected increased demand.

We do not expect any problems with the rolling out of new equipment, however, due to the nature of the process, we cannot give a firm estimate of time the system will be down, but don't expect it will be more than one work day. 


FFIEC Releases CRA Peer, Performance Evaluation and Market Share Data

Added on December 21, 2023

The CRA Peer, Performance Evaluation, and Market Share data are now available for use in Comply. The 2022 CRA Aggregate and Disclosure data, used for CRA Peer analysis, was released on Wednesday, December 20th. RATA has completed the process of converting the data for use in Comply. The name of this file is PEERCRA22 and will need to be manually downloaded from the RATA Support Site and imported into Comply, using the Import System Data function, as these files can be large and take some time to import. For this reason, we recommend that you only load the years of peer data you are actively using into Comply and remove older years' data when your analyses are completed. The CRA Performance Evaluation and Market Share data were also compiled and released. This data is used when running…

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Happy Holidays from RATA Associates!

Added on December 18, 2023

Click below for our holiday card:


Getting Started with the New Comply SBL 1071 Component

Added on December 1, 2023

As you are probably aware from our last few Start Page articles, the new SBL 1071 component has been included in Comply Version 23 for you to test and get familiar with. The SBL 1071 component is accessible for any and all users who want to look at the product to make sure it meets all of your needs before actually licensing the component. Once your institution installs the Comply 23 update, you should see a new SBL 1071 component in the Data Manager (see screenshot below). If you or any of your Comply users are not seeing the component, you may have to have a Comply Administrator make some updates to the user's access rights in Comply. There will be cases where users might not have access to every component in Comply based on your institution's security policies. If you find that you do…

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