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The Comply DataMine analysis tool is RATA's new advanced custom report builder. RATA clients will now have the ability to build both custom pivot tables and custom executive reports using the power of Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and your Comply Database. With this powerful configuration you are able to create reports using combinations of your latest HMDA and CRA data, peer data, demographic data, deposit data and more.

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DataMine reports for HMDA CRA

This optional component offers custom reporting options to analyze your data compared with peer data by year, geography and additional filters. Regulators have recently been creating peer groups by asset size, rate spread percentages and geography. The new Peer Group Definition Builder will enable users to create the same groups quickly and easily.

By using different Peer Group definitions, geographic definitions and other data, you will be able to explore your data by dragging and dropping the fields you want to analyze into columns and rows to slice and dice the data in seconds with interactive Excel pivot tables.

Additionally, more advanced users can create custom executive reports and dashboard-type reports. If you don't want to create the reports yourself a RATA team member can build you a template for a small service fee.

Report Samples

The DataMine tool comes with many templates and the amount of free templates will grow over time as we add new reports recommended by customers. Here are just a couple of samples we created, many in just minutes!

Borrow Tract Summary

Borrow Tract Summary

CRA Executive Summary

CRA Executive Summary

Submission Audit Summary

Submission Audit Summary

Submission Audit Summary with Charts

Submission Audit Summary with Charts

Peer Group Builder

In recent examinations multiple agency's examiners have been selecting peer institutions based on geography, asset size and filtered loan counts that are similar to the target institution. Using the Comply DataMine tool you will be able to select peers and create peer groups exactly the way the examiners do.

By walking through the Peer Group definition builder you are able to filter down to both simple and complex conditions and then select all institutions or the specific institutions that meet your criteria.

Select Peer Institution

The first step would be to click Peer Institution Groups and select New. Then you simply name the Peer Group and tell the wizard what year of peer data you want to analyze.

View all Institutions

In this screenshot we simply clicked on the search button and got all 7,062 institutions for 2014. From there we can select specific institutions, all institutions, or filter further by General, Properties, Limits, Geographic definitions or Lending areas either separately or in tandem.

For example, maybe you want to analyze your institution against institutions that are closet to your asset size, by specific institutions, by regulator, or just banks closest to your origination rate within your assessment area(s).

Top 10 OCC Banks

Here is a sample of the top 10 OCC banks by originations that did at least one loan in Seminole County Florida in a detailed list view.

From here you can select all 10 institutions to start building your peer group, select and add specific institutions from the list to add to your group and more. From the detail group list you can sort by any column, export the list to Excel or a text file, print the list and more.

You can create as many different Peer Group definitions as you want for all of your peer analysis needs. Once they are created they are fully accessible by the Comply DataMine tool as shown below.

Table Showing Top 10 OCC Submitters

Within a couple minutes we are able to build a simple table that shows the Top 10 OCC submitters in our Test for Comply 365 Peer group compared to all submitters and broken down by action taken.

Again, this is just a very simplistic example of the power of the DataMine Tool and the Peer Group definition builder!

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